From Bitcoin to IOTA

The Banks form the core of the human system on planet Earth.Humans have to relay on banks for every thing because they supply the capital for the humans to set up businesses,to build infrastructure etc. Banks and the financial system create the law and order here on the planet Earth

Banks are the first businesses to embrace the latest technology from creating cutting edge apps to websites banks got funding to get equipped with the latest technology. As banks got relaying on digital currency and the internet they became vulnerable to cyber attacks and many innocent people are in a threat to lose their hard earned money.

There is no stopping to the new technology  entering the planet Earth.The simple idea of a block chain in a distributed network with out any central server seemed to be the best suitable way to store ones wealth in a more secure way.

Hasing algorithms with strong encryptions made hacking the bitcoin impossible.However people will find a way to hack the block chain some way in the mean time the technical  community is busy developing IOTA which cannot be hacked even with a quantum computer.

See we are in a era of technical advancements and all the wealth stored in the banks may be hacked in a flash and all your home and land registrations can be faked out as the land and home registrations are not yet in Blockchain the only thing that can save you is your crypto currency investments.Its the wealth that you accumulate for the future which is much safe and secure and cannot be hacked.

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